Nan Helsabeck, Choral Director

Nan Helsabeck is a gifted organist and choral director who has been a church musician at Trinity Methodist and St. Thomas Episcopal in Eugene, as well as playing in other churches across Oregon and beyond. Some of our members have met her at Soft Horizons in downtown Eugene, where she teaches knitting. Nan was born and raised in Colorado and is a graduate of University of Colorado. She has a beloved service dog, SP (Sweetie Pie), who for many years partnered with her at her work as an autism specialist. Her busy life includes gardening, fabric designing, creating fashions, banners and original wall hangings. Seven grandchildren add even more color to her life. Nan is looking forward to playing Westminster’s organ and leading our choir. She plays classical repertoire beautifully. and also enjoys good contemporary music as part of blended worship music.
To contact Nan Helsabeck, Choral Director, please contact the Church Office