Solar System

Solar Panels over Fellowship Hall

We recently, in April 2017, started up our newly installed solar-electric generating system. It is expected to provide about 80% of the church’s annual electric power usage, and will reduce our carbon footprint by saving emissions of approximately 18 tons of CO2 annually. It is part of Westminster’s mission to Earth care.

The system consists of 62 solar electric modules (panels) mounted on the roof of the church’s fellowship hall wing. Three inverters convert the generated power to 240 volts AC, and are tied into the grid through the utility (EWEB) meter. The total capacity is 21.39 kilowatts. Performance, and more details, of the system can be viewed by clicking on this link.

The project was funded over 80% by church member donations. The remaining cost was provided by an incentive from the EWEB Greenpower program.

Welcome to Westminster

IMG_20140924_191316894.jpgWe at Westminster come from a variety of backgrounds, and embody a broad spectrum of perspectives.

We find unity in Jesus Christ and in this caring community of faith, and welcome others interested in traveling with us in faith.

Experience an energized and faith-filled worship service.

Includes devotional hymns, prayer, choir, children, group affirmations of faith, handbells, scripture readings, and more. You are invited to visit us Sundays at 10am .

Also we offer Westminster on Wednesdays with diverse forms of study, worship and fun in the evening. WOW is on hiatus during summer months. Continue reading

Stations of the Cross walk

During Holy Week, beginning Palm Sunday, Westminster’s labyrinth will be set up for a no-host Stations of the Cross walk. Guides and readings will be available, and numbered markers along the labyrinth will identify each of the fourteen stations. Be sure to

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