Welcome to Westminster

IMG_20140924_191316894.jpgWe at Westminster come from a variety of backgrounds, and embody a broad spectrum of perspectives.

We find unity in Jesus Christ and in this caring community of faith, and welcome others interested in traveling with us in faith.

Experience an energized and faith-filled worship service.

Includes devotional hymns, prayer, choir, children, group affirmations of faith, handbells, scripture readings, and more. You are invited to visit us Sundays at 10am .

Also we offer Worship on Wednesdays at 6:45-7:15pm for a half hour of diverse forms of worship and faith. A 6pm buffet is provided before the service. WOW is on hiatus during summer months.

Westminster is a church in the Presbyterian (USA) tradition, and thus its theology draws on the heritage of Reformation hallmarks. We believe in salvation by grace through faith, and we see the Scriptures as what Luther called “the cradle in which Christ is laid,” the medium through which we encounter God’s witness in Christ. While a variety of theological viewpoints are represented within our membership, most would hold as central a belief in the atoning work of Christ and his victory over death in the resurrection. We are a congregation that looks for the fruits of the Spirit to be borne out in our life together and in service of the wider community as we seek to follow the great commandment of Christ, to love God and neighbor. Continue reading

Art & Faith 2015

2015-art-faithWhat a week we had!  Children, young adults, and the rest of us survived hot summer  evenings as we explored the meeting of our God-given creativity and our faith journeys. Lots of stories and laughter.  Guest artists taught us hands on

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

BaseballSlugger Marian Little has organized our annual Emerald’s baseball outing. Marian has tickets in the shade for Sunday, July 26. Tickets are only $9. Sign up now!   Everyone is invited to a pre-game picnic at the Holloman’s at 3:00 pm.

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